Jaffa: summation



This pic marks the end of photos I’ll share here taken recently at Joffa (Joppa; Yafo). The next round of pics will be from Tel Aviv.

In this pic that’s Tel Aviv in the background on my right. You can see there’s no real way to see where Jaffa stops and Tel Aviv begins; the ancient (Jaffa) and the modern (Tel Aviv) are that close to each other. Behind me and to my left is some of Jaffa’s harbor, one of the oldest working harbors in the world. Also in view (as if my hitchhiking thumb was pointing toward them) are the rocks to which ancient writers claimed Greek mythology had reference to in the chaining of Andromeda and her rescue from the sea monster by Perseus.

But as we leave Jaffa, I would ask you to mentally tag it with one thought in particular: God’s love for all. Or think “missions,” if you please. For as Mark Coppenger has well noted:

“When we think of biblical locations associated with gospel outreach to the Gentiles, we may well think first to Jerusalem, where Peter’s preaching at Pentecost was heard by people of many nations … (Acts 2), and where the Jerusalem Council determined that non-Jewish converts would not need to be circumcised … (Acts 15). Or perhaps we might turn to Paul’s Macedonian call, which came to him in western ‘Turkey,’ whereby the Lord led him for the first time into Gentile ‘Europe.’ Or maybe to Antioch, described as a multi-ethnic, missionary-sending church in Acts 11 and 13. But … Jaffa is front and center in this connection, the site of two events which revealed God’s love for all of humankind. … it was here Jonah defied God’s call to missions [Jonah 1.1-3] and Peter argued with God over the status of Gentiles [Acts 9.36-10.48].”

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