Jaffa: Statue of Faith



Near the top of Tel Jaffa (Joppa; Yafo) in Abrasha Park there is a modern sculpture known as the Statue of Faith. Beautiful carvings adorn it, but it’s location and shape are meant to convey as much as the engraving.

In OT times, Jaffa was Israel’s only port of any size. Consequently, it was the way for many people and products into, and from, the rest of Israel by means of the sea. On land, ancient cities were often walled and the city gate, this statue assuming the shape of the frame for such a gate, was the entry and exit point for such.

The huge, solid pillars, each being four meters in length, speak of strength. And the carvings depict the strength of faith in the mighty, acting God of Israel. The carvings in the pillar on the right in this photo represent Abraham and his binding Isaac for sacrifice (Genesis 22; notice the ram at the base of the pillar). The engravings on the pillar on the left portrays Jacob’s dream of the ladder to heaven (Genesis 28). And the cross-piece on top, the lintel, depicts the conquering of Jericho by Joshua and the Israelites (Joshua 6). God’s promise first made to Abraham flowed through Isaac, and Jacob, and began to be realized through Joshua.

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