links: this went thru my mind


Alzheimer’s: Scientists Develop Early-Warning System for Alzheimer’s Disease

“A quick sniff of a nasal spray sends microscopic metal particles into the brain, where they target and destroy the damaging proteins of Alzheimer’s disease. No Alzheimer’s? No problem—the metal particles pass out of the body safely. Such is the promise of technology being developed by neuroscientist William Klein and nanotechnologist Vinayak Dravid of Northwestern University.”

Clutter & minimalism: 10 Decluttering Principles to Help Anyone Clear the Clutter

“… understanding just a few key principles can help anyone clear their clutter.”

Discouragement & leadership: Ten Tips for Overcoming Discouragement [required reading]

“Every leader fights a never ending battle for improvement, growth, excellence, and progress. It’s the “never ending” part that gets you down. Apart from intervention, discouragement sets in.”

Handwriting & personality: Your Handwriting, What it Reveals


Ministry: Stupid Ministry Tricks: Do Not Do This Thing.

“I have a former colleague who used to say he could solve the preacher-elder wars. To elders, you can’t make everyone happy. To ministers, don’t be stupid. I think both pieces of advice might be unrealistic. But I do think that ministers can be smarter about issues related to change. So, here’s to making smarter ministers.”

Sexuality: What Scripture Says About Sex

“… how do you approach talking to a teen about sex?”

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