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Bethshean: A Day in Bet She’an

“The ancient city of Bet She’an (Beit Shean, Beth Shean, Beth Shan, Bethshean, etc.) … is beautifully strategic, located at the junction of the Jezreel and Jordan Valleys and commanding a fantastic view of the surrounding countryside.”

Jesus & the Tower of David (aka: The Citadel): Tower of David Citadel—Jerusalem’s History Made Easy

“Because Pontius Pilate stayed at the Jerusalem palace, or Praetorium, he likely held the trial there in which he condemned Jesus. The popular identification of the Antonia Fortress as Pilate’s Praetorium finds its basis in tradition, not history. Josephus indicates that the Roman governor not only resided in Herod’s palace, but set up his judgment seat before it (Wars, 2.14). Philo flat-out says Pilate stayed in the palace (Leg. in Caium, 38, 39). …  history points to the David Citadel as Jerusalem’s Praetorium …”

Jerusalem: 5 More Christian Sites in Jerusalem You Should Know About

“The Upper Room … Garden of Gethsemane … The Via Dolorosa and the Citadel … The Church of the Holy Sepulcher … Garden Tomb.”

Lebanon: Lebanon Archaeology

“Unlike its neighbor to the south, Lebanon has only a handful of excavations currently in progress and there is no systematic archaeological survey of the entire country presently available. Sadly, archaeological work is only being carried out at a total of five (or so) sites: Sidon, Tell Arqa, Tell el-Burak, Baalbek, and Kamid el-Loz. Naturally, one would think that the paucity of archaeological work (and tourism, for that matter) is due to present security conditions. But that is only part of the story.”

Masada: A Sunrise Few Have Seen

“… at Masada for the sunrise.”

Oil lamps: Wise or Foolish

“The juglets that the virgins would probably be using were not very large. They probably only contained enough oil for one refill of the lamp.”

Shikhin: * Ancient Jewish Village Found in the Galilee; * Samford Archaeological Dig in Israel Uncovers Jewish Village; * Excavations at Shikhin, Israel

* “The remains include an ancient synagogue, houses and massive evidence of pottery production in the ancient Jewish village of Shikhin, near the ancient Jewish city of Sepphoris (Zippori). The site is important because it teaches about Galilean Jewish village life and its economy at the birth of both Christianity and the Judaism of the Talmud … The site is about five miles northwest of Nazareth.”

* “The site of the discovery has been abandoned, except for agriculture, ever since the mid-fourth century A.D. … The Excavations at Shikhin are part of a cultural heritage project to preserve the site of Shikhin, located at the northern edge of Zippori National Park.”

* “Samford University is the primary sponsoring institution. Professor James Riley Strange of Samford University, USA, serves as Director.”

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