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Acacia: The Acacia in the Sinai Wilderness

“The term acacia is used in most English versions of the Bible, but the King James version (1611) simply transliterated the Hebrew word shittim. … In the description of the construction of the tabernacle, the book of Exodus uses the word acacia 26 times from chapter 25 to chapter 38.”

Baram, Galilee & synagogues: Baram — The Synagogue

“Almost all travelers to Israel will visit the justly famous synagogue at Capernaum on the north shore of the Sea of Galilee—and some will even visit the one at nearby Chorazin. However, the best preserved of the ‘Galilean Type’ synagogues is the one located at the not-too-frequently visited site of Baram. It is located in Upper Galilee, about 1.2 mi. [2 km.] south of the Israeli Lebanese border.”

Copper Age: Journey to the Copper Age: A Video Lecture by Thomas E. Levy [70 min. video]

“Levy explores one of the early centers of metal production in the Holy Land. … Discover material culture from a transformational period that set the stage for the urbanity of the Bronze Age.”

Damascus & Straight Street: A Link Straight to Syria’s Ancient Past Endures as War Creeps Closer

“The street has been known since at least the early years of Christianity for its ramrod course through the twisting alleys of the old city of Damascus. It contains along its cobblestoned stretch much of what many citizens see as the best of their country: ancient history, diversity, entrepreneurial spirit. But now, residents fear its very existence is in danger — though they disagree on who presents the greatest threat — the rebels, the government, or, as many see it, both.”

Gezer: * The History Beneath Solomon’s City; * Let’s Go to Gezer Together (with video)

* “A team of nearly 80 staff and students from several countries (U.S., Israel, Palestinian Authority, Russia, Korea, Hong Kong) spent the summer digging at Tel Gezer, located between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in a valley that guards the pass that leads up from the coastal road (the “Via Maris”) to Jerusalem.”

* “Last Thursday afternoon, we went to the biblical city of Gezer. This site has seen the best of times and the worst of times.”

Hazor: The Ceremonial Precinct in the Upper City of Hazor: What Does the Identification As a Temple or Palace Have to Do With Joshua’s Conquest?

“Since the pioneering excavations at Hazor during the 1950s and 1960s, the question of ‘who destroyed Hazor’ has tantalized scholars and lay people. The renewed excavations directed by Ben-Tor have added greatly to our understanding of the site and have brought to light an enormous Late Bronze Age ‘Ceremonial Palace’ in the Upper City.”

Harbors, Hippos/Susita & the Sea of Galilee: Picture of the Week: Ancient Harbor of Susita/Hippos on the Sea of Galilee

“In the 1970’s and 1980’s, the remains of several ancient harbors were identified around the Sea of Galilee. At least 13 harbors have been identified, all of which most likely date to the Hellenistic and Roman Periods. A map of the various harbors can be seen here.  The work of archaeologists in this area (most notably, the labors of Mendel Nun) have provided us with significant insights into what life was like for fishermen who worked on the Sea of Galilee during these periods.”

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