links to the land


Archaeology: 8 Jewish Archaeological Discoveries

“… archaeological discoveries in recent years that have shed light on Jewish history and the Old Testament.”

Fauna & flora of Galilee: Galilee and its Thorns

“In the end, the soft and attractive Galilee of American Christian imagery exists only in imagination. The reality is that it is a challenging land whose weeds seem to be dominated by those with thorns, some of which grow to an intimidating size.”

Egypt & Hazor: Egyptian Sphinx Fragment Found at Hazor

“The Hebrew University of Jerusalem announced today the discovery at Hazor of a sphinx fragment of Pharaoh Mycerinus. Mycerinus is the builder of the smallest of the three great pyramids of Giza in Egypt.”

Jericho: The ‘Problem of Jericho [18 min. video of a lecture by Dale Manor]

“Jericho is a difficult site.”

Megiddo & Roman legions: Legio VI Ferrata Camp Near Megiddo!

“Israeli archaeologists have found ruins they believe are the site of one of the two Roman legions based in the country between 120 and 300 C.E.”

Military Service & Ultra-orthodox Jews: Service Brings Scorn to Israel’s Ultra-Orthodox Enlistees

“The integration of Haredim, or ‘those who fear God,’ into the military — and providing them a path into the work force — is viewed as essential by many Israelis, not only to uphold the principle of social equality but also to ensure the economic survival of the country. More than a quarter of Jewish first graders in Israeli schools belong to the fast-growing ultra-Orthodox minority.”

Mosaics: Top 10 Israeli Ancient Mosaic Discoveries

“The spectacular mosaic floor found in the Negev near Kibbutz Beit Kama is just the latest magnificent tiling discovery of ancient times in Israel.”

West Bank: New City Offers Vision of Better Life in West Bank

“Rawabi is the largest privately-funded development project in Palestinian history. The finished project will include homes for 40,000 residents, a convention center and three schools. Its construction provides 5,000 jobs, and there are hopes it will provide more after tenants move in.”

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