links to the land


Archaeology: Archaeological Survey of Israel

An interactive map of archaeological sites, past and present, in Israel.

Bethsaida: God Can Use Your Lousy Hometown

“Peter, Andrew, and Philip had this as their hometown. A hometown that rejected Jesus. But God would still use the boyhood home in the lives these men. God can use your lousy hometown, too.”

Bet Shemesh: Ancient Art

“Pull toy in shape of an otter from Bet Shemesh (11th-10th BC).”

Jerusalem: The Ramparts Walk Atop the Walls of Jerusalem’s Old City [10 min. video]

“Most visitors to Jerusalem never take the opportunity to walk atop the walls of the Old City. For the equivalent of four or five dollars you can walk along the ramparts and enjoy unique views not available on the ground. The walls are nearly 500 years old and form the perimeter of Jerusalem’s Old City. … I walked along the wall from the Jaffa Gate on the west side to the Dung Gate on the south side. Fantastic experience. See a few highlights on the video.”

Mithras: Mithras and his Mysteries

“The Mithraic mysteries became a Roman phenomenon that flourished from the 2nd century AD. They were a mysteries for men. In particular soldiers, sailors and imperial officers were drawn to the divine warrior of truth, light and justice. Emperors too favured his worship.”

Mount Tabor: Mount Tabor–A Panorama of Beauty and Praise

“No wonder Mount Tabor played a noteworthy role in history. It offered a geographical landmark for travelers, a military advantage as the high ground, and it provided an illusory spiritual benefit as a high place. It even served as a metaphor of praise to God.”

Shiloh: Claim: Evidence Discovered of the Tabernacle at Shiloh

“Several Israeli newspapers are reporting  a brief notice that archaeologists have discovered holes in the ground at Shiloh which could have held the beams of the Tabernacle. The account in Israel Hayom (Tuesday July 2) is found here.”

Tyre: The (Former) Island of Tyre

“In antiquity, the city of Tyre was comprised of a fortified settlement on the mainland and another settlement on an island about half a mile off the coast. What you are looking at is the southern side of the isthmus that was created when Alexander’s [Alexander the Great] army built a causeway between the mainland and the island.”

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