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Following are six links to some posts I’ve found helpful in light of this week’s Supreme Court ruling regarding DOMA, same-sex marriage, etc.

High Court Strikes Down DOMA but Leaves Fate of Proposition 8 Uncertain

“According to combined data from two 2013 Pew Research Center polls, 50% of Americans now support same-sex marriage and 43% are opposed.”

I Believe It is Time – Division of STATE Licensing of Marriage (Civil Ceremony) and a SPIRITUAL Blessing of Marriage

“I believe it is time to separate the civil and ‘religious’ ceremonies of marriage. …  I don’t think there was ever an expectation within the biblical story that the faith community would be in agreement with cultural norms.  In fact, there are very clear perspectives throughout holy writ that imply that there will be a differentiation with culture.  So, I think it is time to do this with marriage.”

Prop 8, DOMA, and the Christian Response

“If we are going to reach the world—including those who believe same-sex marriage is a civil rights issue—we must learn to love them. All of them. Not just the ones who look like us, dress like us, worship like us, believe what we do, or share our cultural traditions. If we are going to reach the world, we must learn to love them. All of them.

“So, don’t rant on Facebook. Don’t lose your temper on Twitter. Don’t rage to your neighbor or coworkers.

“We can address religious liberty concerns as they come with firm resolve and Christ-like humility. Even though the playing field may have changed, the mission of God has not. We are not here to protect our ways and traditions. We exist to show the world the love of Christ and share with the world His good news.”

Sex Without Bodies

“Is there an easy way out of the current battles over sexuality? No. But there is a way through. A remnant, perhaps small and perhaps substantial, will continue to teach that we are created male and female, to bless the marriages that reunite those two broken halves, and to remind all, married and unmarried, that “in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage”—that ultimately our earthly eros only reflects the reunion promised between the Creator and his image bearers. Along the way, we all will be queer, groaning as we await the redemption of our bodies. To the LGBTQIA alliance, add an H—for this is what it is to be fully, incompletely, expectantly Human.”

What’s Next After the Same-Sex Marriage Rulings?

“Here are some of the biggest questions facing same-sex couples now.”

Why Gay Marriage is Good (and Bad) for the Church

“… witness may be leaner in numbers in coming years, but the upside is that the witness may be even more potent. The gospel of God’s love in Christ is no less powerful in 21st century America than in 1st century Rome. So, let’s love God, love our neighbors (even those with whom we respectfully disagree), and remember the good news that in God’s lawcourt, all who repent and believe in Christ have the verdict of “justified” pronounced over them. And there’s no court on earth that can overturn that.”

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