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Ancient peoples: The Lost Faces of the Bible

“Simcha Jacobovici, popularly known as ‘The Naked Archaeologist,’ is working on a documentary, Lost Faces of the Bible, in which a group of forensic and facial reconstruction specialists will study four skulls and make an attempt at creating a face to match the skulls. … The people who will be working with Jacobovici are experts in their fields. …  Facial reconstruction is a common practice in archaeology as well in police work. To add a little Hollywood flair to the show, David Berman, an actor who plays a forensic investigator in CSI: Crimes Scene Investigation, will host the four programs. The four-part series will be shown on the National Geographic channel.”

Antiquities & archaeology of Israel: Israel Antiquities Authority

“The Israel Antiquities Authority is in charge of the country’s antiquities and antiquity sites, their excavation, preservation, conservation, study and publication thereof, as well as the country’s antiquity treasures. … The Israel Antiquities Authority will serve as the leading professional body for the study of the archaeology of Eretz-Israel. It will preserve, conserve and study the archaeological heritage of the country at the highest scientific level, and will maintain a balance between development needs and antiquities preservation. … The Israel Antiquities Authority will aim to increase public awareness and interest in the country’s archaeological heritage.”

Dalmanutha: The Traditional Site of Dalmanutha

“I doubt that this identification is correct but thought it was significant enough to pass along.”

Flowers of Israel: Flowers of Israel – Caper

“Whether growing in the cracks of the Western Wall or in the Judean desert, in places like Ein Gedi, people are surprised when I point out this bush and they learn that it is a caper bush (Capparis spinosa) and that the flower buds are the capers that they’ve eaten pickled in salads or with salmon.”

Mosaics & synagogues: New Mosaics Discovered in Synagogue Excavations in Galilee

“Excavations in the Late Roman (fifth century) synagogue at Huqoq, an ancient Jewish village in Israel’s Lower Galilee, have brought to light stunning mosaics that decorated the floor. … Last summer, a mosaic showing Samson and the foxes (as related in the Bible’s Judges 15:4) was discovered in the synagogue’s east aisle. This summer, another mosaic was found that shows Samson carrying the gate of Gaza on his shoulders (Judges 16:3). Adjacent to Samson are riders with horses, apparently representing Philistines. … Biblical scenes are not uncommon in Late Roman synagogue mosaics, but only one other ancient synagogue in Israel (at Khirbet Wadi Hamam) is decorated with a scene showing Samson.”

Roads & travel in ancient times: Greetings from the Roman Empire! A Section of an 1,800 Year Old Road was Exposed in Jerusalem

“An ancient road leading from Yafo to Jerusalem, which dates to the Roman period (second–fourth centuries CE), was exposed this past fortnight in the Beit Hanina neighborhood in northern Jerusalem. … The wide road (c. 8 m) was bounded on both sides by curbstones. The road itself was built of large flat stones fitted to each other so as to create a comfortable surface for walking.”

Temple Mount excavations: Ancient Timber on Temple Mount?

“In recent years there have been several articles and news items that argue that some of the timbers that were discarded after the remodeling of the el-Aqsa Mosque on the Haram esh-Sharif in Jerusalem are quite ancient—possibly even from the Temple that Herod built (the Second Temple) around 15 B.C.”

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