why I’ve come to dread June 19


Ashton-Villa-Galveston-TXI’ve come to dread the 19th of June. Certainly not because it’s Juneteenth, but because of what comes along with it. Here’s what happens.

Every year I’ve lived in South Texas – twenty years come next month – it’s the same thing. Every year at least several white, church-going, very involved, highly respected “Christians” will make sure they make some disparaging, insulting, mocking, or snickering remark about today being “Juneteenth.”

It makes me want to throw up. And here’s why.

Racism is from the devil. I hate it. And the worst form of racism is subtle.

Now you may disagree. You may say: “No David, the worst form of racism isn’t subtle at all. Racism at its worst is when you drag someone to death chained to the back of your pickup while you laugh about it.” Which still happens down here in South Texas.

I beg to differ. Now let me tell you why.

Think of dragging someone to death behind your pickup as the full grown tree of racism. Think of snickering slights and callous remarks as seeds. As long as there are seeds, there will be trees. And that’s why the worst forms of the practice of bigotry, prejudice, and racism are subtle. Very subtle. So subtle most folks usually don’t even pick up on them anymore, or if they do, they won’t say a thing about them.

And so the seeds continue to be planted. And the devil does his killing work. And does it through the lips of believers.

We can do better, my dear brothers and sister. And we must.

Reckon I can make it through today this year and not hear some Christian ridicule a good reason to rejoice? We’ll see. I can only pray. God have mercy on us all and set our hearts free from all that is not of you.

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