links to the land


Augmented reality & archaeology: * Seeing Things as They Were — There’s an Israeli App for That; * Visit Ancient Sites with an Augmented Reality App

* “… Architip, a new app created by a team of image and archaeology professionals, takes a decidedly high-tech approach to the issue. Using augmented reality (AR) technology, the app lets users see what sites actually looked like long ago, bringing to virtual life a view of the ancient world.”

* “‘For example, you might look at an ancient mosaic on the floor of a synagogue or church, and barely see the decorations on it because of the fading,’ said Yaron Benvenisti, CEO of Architip, which is located in Jerusalem and has been operating for about six months. ‘With Architip, you would see the mosaic in full color, with all its drawings intact.'”

Ashkelon: * Calf and Sanctuary Found at Ashkelon; * Ashkelon Excavation Underway

* “The discoveries of archaeology often shed light on biblical accounts and help us to see the reality of them.”

* “‘Tis the season for archaeological digs. At Ashkelon, the Leon Levy Expedition runs from June 8 – July 19 this year. It is sponsored by Harvard’s Semitic Museum, Boston College, Wheaton College, and Troy University.”

Bethlehem: Bethlehem

“Bethlehem is a city in the Palestinian Authority with a population of 21,947 and another about 25,000 in the neighboring towns of Beit Sahour and Beit Jalla. The majority (72%) in the district are Muslim; today. Christians in Bethlehem constitute less than 15% of the population (Fifty years ago, Christians made up more than 70% of the population).”

Dalmanutha: Possible Discovery of Dalmanutha

“… I am very interested in his claim to have discovered a “very large, but previously-unrecognised, Late Hellenistic, Roman-period, and later, settlement” between Magdala and Kibbutz Ginosar. He suggests that the site may be the Dalmanutha of Mark 8:10.”

Jerusalem: * Jerusalem 3D Virtual Tours; * Jerusalem 360

* Brief online 3D virtual tours of the Cardo Maximus, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Dome of the Rock, Garden Tomb, Gethsemane, Jewish Temple, Mount Zion, Nativity Church, and the Western Wall are available at this link.

* Interactive panorama views of much of Jerusalem are available for viewing online at this site.

Valley of Elah: The Valley of Elah—How Your Ordinary Becomes Extraordinary

“Like the other valleys in Israel’s Judean foothills today, the Valley of Elah appears so commonplace. Very ordinary. But back up 3000 years and the Valley of Elah offers one of the most strategic battlefields in Israel. It was here David killed Goliath.”

Valley of Harod: The Harod Valley—Your Overwhelming Anxiety Finds its Peace

“The Harod Valley—the shaft of the Jezreel Valley’s arrow.”

Wheat: Wheat in Israel

“In Israel, the wheat is usually harvested in late May or June.”

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