links to the land


Recently (May 14-25) I was privileged to fulfill a long-time dream: to make a trip to Israel! I intend to begin posting in regard to this trip next week.

However, starting today I will make weekly posts (on Wednesdays) of links to recent, noteworthy online articles concerning some of the sites the group of which I was a part visited, as well as related matters. These posts will will run under the title Links to the Land. Click the blue and enjoy!

Herod the Great/Herodium: * Herod the Great Exhibition in the Israel Museum; * Herod Exhibit Virtual Tour Online

* “Last March I was able to visit this exhibition and it took my breath away. We were fortunate to have special permission to film before the exhibition was opened to visitors as I was part of a team making a documentary for the National Geographic.”

* “The Israel Museum has created a virtual tour of the Herod the Great exhibit in which you can ‘walk’ through the nine galleries, viewing the reconstructions, listening to audio explanations, and watching several video pieces. The gallery is loosely arranged after the journey of Herod from the place of his death in Jericho to his burial at Herodium.”

Khirbet Qeiyafa: Premiere of a New Khirbet Qeiyafa Short Film is Right Here

“A new short film titled “Khirbet Qeiyafa: A Fortified City in the Kingdom of Judah” now debuts on this blog. It summarizes the major finds at Khirbet Qeiyafa and presents the excavators’ conclusions on how the site shapes our understanding of biblical Judah. Khirbet Qeiyafa is the modern name for a 3,000 year-old ancient city dating to the time of kings Saul and David. It is located where David slew Goliath along the Philistine-Judah border as described in 1 Samuel 17.”

Pharisees: No and Yes on the Pharisees

“There are several reasons why the Pharisees are misunderstood … Here are some important truths about the Pharisees …”

Qumran: Picture of the Week: Qumran Caves

“This seems to be a week where Hebrew scrolls are in the news more often than normal …”

Samaria/Sebastia: * Rich Holy Land Site Succumbs to Neglect; * Holy Land Archaeological Treasure Hurt by Politics

* “… today the hilltop capital of biblical kings, later ruled by Roman conquerors, Crusaders and Ottomans, is marred with weeds, graffiti and garbage. Caught between conflicting Israeli and Palestinian jurisdictions, the site has been largely neglected by both sides for the past two decades. Beyond the decay, unauthorized diggers and thieves have taken advantage of the lack of oversight to make off with priceless artifacts.”

* “Therein lies the problem: Most of the ruins lie in areas under full Israeli control, with some in areas under Palestinian civilian control but shared security responsibilities under the 1990s peace deals that divvied up the West Bank into zones of authority. The Palestinians claim all of the West Bank, captured by Israel from Jordan in 1967, as part of a future state. The situation deteriorated greatly with the outbreak of the Palestinian uprising in late 2000. Although the fighting has ended, care for the site has since dropped away because of security fears. Visits by Israeli citizens need to be coordinated with the Israeli military.”

Shechem: Shechem

“Recently, Dutch and Palestinian archaeologists have been digging on a lot that has become an unofficial dump for garbage and old car parts of the city of Nablus, ancient Shechem. The  project is sponsored by the Palestinian Department of Antiquities, which is trying to recover the rich history of ancient Shechem.”

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