the Christ house: Hebrews & James


The-Christ-HouseParticipating MoSt Church members are reading through the New Testament this year at the pace of one chapter per day. We call this project The Christ House (TCH) because as we read, we’re paying special attention to everything that is said about Jesus Christ. As we read, we also determine to memorize one verse about the Christ from each book of the New Testament. We call these memory verses “Christ verses.”

During the first 18 days of June we’re reading Paul’s letter to the church in Rome. Come the end of the month (June 19-30), we’ll reflect on all we’ve read. The Christ verses to memorize as we work through Hebrews and James are:

“We are partners with Christ, but only if we hold on to the confidence we had in the beginning until the end.” (Hebrews 3.14)

“My brothers and sisters, when you show favoritism you deny the faithfulness of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has been resurrected in glory.” (James 2.1)

June 1 – Heb. 1
June 2 – Heb. 2
June 3 – Heb. 3
June 4 – Heb. 4
June 5 – Heb. 5
June 6  – Heb. 6
June 7 – Heb. 7
June 8 – Heb. 8
June 9 – Heb. 9
June 10 – Heb. 10
June 11 – Heb. 11
June 12 – Heb. 12
June 13 – Heb. 13
June 14 – James 1
June 15 – James 2
June 16 – James 3
June 17 – James 4
June 18 – James 5
June 19-30 – reflection

You can easily read Hebrews and James online in any of a multitude of translations on BibleGateway. Here’s a link to today’s reading: Hebrews 1.

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