this went thru my mind (on violence)


V-for-violenceChurch, pride, Scripture, violence & words: Mental Mass Murder by Dan Bouchelle [essential reading]

“Anyone who hates a brother or sister is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life residing in him. (1 John 3:15)”

Gun control & legislation: * More Than 3,300 Gun Deaths Since Newtown by Jim Wallis; * What Gun Lovers Think by Joe Nocera

* “Today, on the National Mall, I stood with fellow faith leaders, including clergy from Newtown, to remember lives lost at Sandy Hook elementary school and the 3,364 gun deaths that have happened since. … There are many law abiding and responsible gun owners in this country. And I understand that those who play by the rules might feel like they are being punished for the wrongdoing of others. But no legislation being considered would end gun ownership as we know it. What it would do is begin to make owning a gun look a little more like owning a car. In that process we can make it more expensive and more legally punishing for criminals to get guns and make our streets and our schools safer for all. The gun laws on the table are just common sense; they bring us back to the common good.”

* “… why don’t “responsible gun owners” — and I know there are a lot — why don’t they support such laws? … There is no tree for them to gather under. And this is a big problem. Because they don’t feel represented by the N.R.A.”

Guilt, grief, stress & war: On Scripture: Repairing Our Grief by Greg Carey

“I believe I was the first to hear of the time when he called in the coordinates for an intersection across which a significant body of Germans was crossing. For 30 minutes, he said, he watched the effects of the barrage he had targeted. And now, 40 years later, his hands wouldn’t come clean.”

History, Native Americans, & violence: Save Wounded Knee by Joseph Brings Plenty [required reading]

“Wounded Knee was the so-called final battle of America’s war on its Native peoples. But what happened was hardly a battle. It was a massacre. … Now, our heritage is in danger of becoming a real-estate transaction, another parcel of what once was our land auctioned off to the highest bidder. The cries of our murdered people still echo off the barren hills — the cries we remember in our hearts every day of our lives. But they may finally be drowned out by bulldozers and the ka-ching of commerce.”

Insensitivity & violence: Don’t Smoke, Drink, Dance, and Chew or Date Girls Who Do by Richard Oster

“… a Roman Stoic philosopher named Seneca, living during the reign of Nero, was candid enough to discuss the impact on his own life of exposure to excessive violence. … This pagan Roman philosopher seems to have had more introspection and ethical integrity in this regard than some followers of Christ I have known (FYI, Seneca was the brother of the Roman politician Gallio, proconsul of Achaia, and defender of Paul, Acts 18:12-17).”

Jesus & violence: Put Your Guns Away by Patrick Anderson [required reading]

“…  imagine the arrest of Jesus taking place in American society today … I cannot picture Jesus carrying a gun — even, or most especially, for self-protection. I am not sure how Peter managed to strap on a sword on the night of the arrest or whether any other followers of Jesus were similarly armed. But I do hear the words of Jesus when the weaponry was drawn. And I think those words can also help us sort out and give context to the “Right to Bear Arms” in 21st Century America.”

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