this went thru my mind


Discipleship: Churches Are Dying Because Christians Aren’t by Matt Dabbs

“In order to embrace Christ you have to first empty self by dying to life as you knew it. If you don’t teach that expect to develop Christians who can have one foot in the world and one foot in Christianity. … Churches are dying because Christians aren’t. Once you start teaching that and embracing that, the church will have the right starting place to grow into the life God is calling the world to.”

Disneyization: The Disney-ization of Faith by Chaplain Mike

“Unfortunately, many American Christian leaders seem to think the Disney way is the way forward for the church. I could write a long book about all the examples of this across our land, from the many ways we market Jesus in books, music, and media, to the kistchy excess of the televangelists and the corporate “excellence” of the megachurches, to iconic monuments like the Crystal Cathedral. So much of it represents the ‘Magic Kingdom’ mentality.”

Expectations: Expectations: A Major Trap by Terry Rush [required reading]

“The church has expectations to grow.  This is good to a point; until we are found as humans trying to manage the estate of the Divine.  The church has largely spent its time stripping God of both mystery and marvel by packaging Him in explainable terms.  Thus, very much struggle. Expectations from God’s free creativity is a far cry from our stingy and meager calculations.  May we open more to the Spirit of Him whom God sent.”

Fantasy sports & gambling: Fantasy Sports and Gambling: Line Is Blurred

“Government crackdowns have discouraged many potential gamblers in the United States from using online poker and sports betting Web sites. But an increasing number of people have found a legal way to play the odds online through daily fantasy Web sites. These sites, which allow users to wager thousands of dollars on the performance of professional athletes each day, have been protected under a federal law exempting fantasy sports from restrictions on online gambling. They make up a booming industry that has taken hold among players and is beginning to attract the attention of investors. … ‘It becomes akin to a flip of the coin, which is the definition of gambling,” said Robert Bowman, the chief executive of Major League Baseball Advanced Media, the league’s Internet company.'”

Faith & judgmentalism: I Resign from the Church’s Compliance Office by Dan Bouchelle [essential reading]

“I’m tired of dissecting what is wrong with every other church or ministry out there. I’m even tired of the self-critique. I’m ready to focus on what I’m for and spend my time encouraging what is good in my own heritage and others.”

Leadership: Qualities of Church Leaders by Tim Archer

“If I’m going to look at a list of qualities for church leaders, I’m going first to the Sermon on the Mount. Then Galatians 5:16 and following. Then 2 Peter 1:5-8. After considering these qualities, I’d take a look at the traditional lists.”

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