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Church, ministry & the younger generation: The “Oh-Crap” Calling by Dan Bouchelle [required reading]

“… 81% of students in seminary do not intend to work for existing churches. I hear the same thing from every Christian university where I visit. …  this is a problem on a large scale. It crosses all fellowships. The church in the United States has serious issues with the emerging adult population.”

Church dropouts & evangelicals: Walking Away from Church by Patrick Mitchel

“Displaced followers: frustrated, angry, hurt rejection of the church. Reflective Exiles: wrestling with questions of faith in general. Transitional Explorers: open to new spiritualities, dissatisfied with previous experience. Integrated Wayfinders: have arrived at a new understanding of the Christian faith.”

Humor: The Top 13 Demotivators® Posters Of All Time

“After we finished our perusal of the Top 10 Iconic Motivational Posters (and we put away our sick bags), we decided it deserved a reply, and who better than us to write it? And so, after much deliberation and debate, we’ve created our own list- The Top 13 Demotivators® Posters of All Time, using sales data, social sharing, frequency of inclusion in Build-Your-Own-Calendars, and other semi-scientific analytic tools to compile it.”

Lord’s Prayer: What Does ‘Hallowed Be Thy Name’ Mean?

* “The phrase ‘hallowed be thy name’ … means something like ‘Let your name be sanctified” or ‘Please sanctify your name.’ It’s the first of three petitions that mean roughly the same thing … Let your name be sanctified; Let your Kingdom come; Let your will be done, as in heaven also on earth.”

Slander: Slander: This is a Heart Issue by John T. Willis

“Let us all pray for slanderers and groups of slanderers.”

Wealth inequality: Americans Nearly Unanimous on ‘Ideal’ Wealth Distribution, But Unaware of Real Levels of Inequality [required viewing; 6 min., 24 sec. video]

“There’s a chart … I can’t get out of my head. … the reality in this country is not at all what we think it is.”

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