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Advertising & outreach: The Billboard Problem

“I’ve singled out billboards, but consider the billboard’s closest relatives: church signs, bumper stickers and statement T-shirts. Those are some of contemporary Christianity’s favorite means of expression, right? We see them as the perfect little platforms for hit-and-run declarations of eternal significance. These media dictate a compressed message, an abridged gospel, and post it in the peripheral vision of vehicles and lives barreling down the highway. At best, this approach is inert. At worst, it’s counterproductive to our calling: to be witnesses in our neighborhoods and to the ends of the earth. I’m convinced this calling requires more from us than what will fit on a billboard. If we’re to truly be witnesses, we’ve got stories to tell.”

Announcements: How to Write Church Announcements

“… because department heads or ministry leaders tend to either give you too much or not enough information to promote their event, writing announcements is a chronically challenging task.”

Church growth: 10 Things I Wish Christians Understood About Church Growth

“The #1 way a church grows is by personal invitation. If you want your church to grow then invite people. … Evangelistic events seldom result in church growth. Sorry, but it’s true.”

Preaching: What Pre-Believers Listen for in Sermons

“In  emerging, twenty-first century churches, the sermon has lengthened from 25-30 minutes to 45-60 minutes. That’s a pretty amazing fact given that emerging churches often have a higher population of dechurched and unchurched people than our older, twentieth century churches. … Here are two observations from these preachers who connect to the millenial audiences in emerging churches: (1) They preach the text. There’s no waffling, excuses, or delaying. The preacher steps right into the biblical text as the context for their message. … (2) They illustrate before explaining. These emerging church preachers often introduce their points not from the text first, but from life.”

The Bible mini-series: History Channel’s ‘the Bible’— Less Filling, Tastes Great by Ben Witherington

“We live in a Biblically illiterate culture which is nonetheless a Jesus haunted culture. Jesus is swear word in 50 states, but the Bible remains for many if not most Americans terra incognita. So perhaps in this Lenten and Easter season we may be thankful for any conversation starter, however cheesy, that may give us a chance to have a richer discussion about the Bible and it’s riches.”

Work: * Five Faith Values to Practice at Work; * God at Work: Nunc Dimittus

* “Practice grace in the midst of turmoil. Practice contentment among those who grumble. Practice kindness, praising others instead of demeaning them. Practice joy. Practice love.”

* “… happiness isn’t a bad thing for work…It’s just not the only thing for work. And if it becomes that, then it will be unattainable. A job is only a vocation, a calling, if you do it for the sake of the other. And where your joy and the world’s need meet … that is where God is calling you.”

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