this went thru my mind


Diversity & unity: A Personal Appeal for Christian Unity in Diversity by Patrick Mitchel

“… Christian unity is to act on something that is already there, given by God. Believers are one, the challenge is to act in ways that reflect that unity (and not in ways that deny that unity).”

Forgiveness: Stories of Grace, Stories of Forgiveness: Frederick Douglass Affirms the Humanity of a Slaveholder [required reading]

“The stories of grace and forgiveness that Frederick Douglass models exhibit three biblical truths regarding the notion of forgiveness as it is put into practice.”

Learning: The Learning Virtues by David Brooks

“… Westerners tend to define learning cognitively while Asians tend to define it morally. Westerners tend to see learning as something people do in order to understand and master the external world. Asians tend to see learning as an arduous process they undertake in order to cultivate virtues inside the self.”

Mentoring: Is Spiritual Mentoring a Biblical Idea? by Lynn Anderson

“… spiritual mentors are extremely important in our spiritual development. And Biblical.”

The Bible miniseries: * “The Bible” on the History Channel: Not the Absolute Train Wreck I Thought it Would Be by Pete Enns; * The Bible Series: The Consultants’ Role by Mark Goodacre

“I’m not a big fan of seeing the Bible depicted in film. The biblical narratives have a lot holes in the storyline. To adapt the Bible to film, you have to invent dialogue, whole scenes, and compress other scenes to keep the story going. … having said that, watching the show didn’t leave me feeling defiled or quite as nauseous as I assumed it would. Actually, the most troubling part of the evening was the incessant commercials. God can’t seem to get around to putting a stop to hunger and war, but he has definitely taken the time of subcontracting out to a website the means by which you can find your perfect mate. But I digress.”

“One of the reason for scholarly types to be encouraged is that the executive producers, Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, did hire a large group of academic consultants.”

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