this went thru my mind (on violence)


V-for-violenceAggression, bullying & reality television: Our Unhealthy Love of Reality TV Bullying

“Reality TV shows twice the number of aggressive acts as other shows.”

Creativity & weapons: * DIY Weapons of the Syrian Rebels; * RAWtools: AK47s into Farm Tools

“Homemade grenades are launched by jury-rigged shotguns or giant slingshots in the urban battlefields of Aleppo and Damascus. Gathered here are a few examples of the hand-built munitions of the Syrian rebels. [38 photos]”

“Our Mennonite blacksmith friends, Mike and Fred, have been inspired by the “beat your swords into plows… and study war no more” vision of the prophets Micah and Isaiah. After 9/11 they heard that some of the metal from the twin towers was recycled and used for a warship. After hearing of that, they caught the vision for RAWtools, Inc.(turning “war” around and cultivating life instead of death) – check them out: Now they have invited folks around the country to donate their weapons. From each semi-automatic, they can make several garden tools – which will actually be fully functional and ready for use …”

Entertainment & torture: Is This (Torture as Entertainment) What We Have Come To?

“From a Christian point of view, if not just a civilized one, torture is wrong because it violates the dignity of a person created in God’s image and likeness. I would like to suggest that torture in movies (and some TV shows) has become a new form of pornography.”

Gun control & military leaders: Retired Military Leaders Demand That Congress Act Now to Reduce Gun Violence

“Mayors Against Illegal Guns today released a new ad featuring retired military leaders calling on Congress to take immediate action and pass sensible gun reforms that will help stop the epidemic of gun murders that claims the lives of 33 Americans every day. The ad can be viewed below and at … Featured in the ad are Rear Admiral (Ret.) James A. Barnett Jr., USN; Brigadier General (Ret.) Stephen A. Cheney, USMC; Major General (Ret.) Paul Eaton, USA; RADM Malcolm MacKinnon III, USN (Ret.); Lieutenant General (Ret.) Charles P. Otstott, USA; and Brigadier General (Ret.) Stephen N. Xenakis, MD, USA.”

Homelessness, MST, veterans & women: Female Veterans Face Limbo in Lives on the Street

“… returning servicewomen are facing a battlefield of a different kind: they are now the fastest growing segment of the homeless population … While male returnees become homeless largely because of substance abuse and mental illness, experts say that female veterans face those problems and more, including the search for family housing and an even harder time finding well-paying jobs. But a common pathway to homelessness for women, researchers and psychologists said, is military sexual trauma, or M.S.T., from assaults or harassment during their service, which can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder.”

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