this went thru my mind


Architecture, boomers, church buildings & millenials: Will Big Church Buildings Become Dinosaurs? by Timothy Archer

“I’m optimistic about the future of the church; less so when it comes to buildings.”

Civil disobedience: When and How I Changed My Mind About Civil Disobedience by Tony Campolo

“… I didn’t know what to do with that story, except to reflect on it time and time again until I changed my mind about civil disobedience.”

Civility, job, rudeness & work: You’re Rude Because Your Boss Is Rude

“What drives employees to be rude? Over 60% blame their bad behavior on being overloaded at work. They say they have no time to be nice. Mental overload and stress short-circuit our capacity to be fully attentive about anything — even those with whom we work.”

Complaining, leadership & whining: Even Whiners Can Lead by Dan Rockwell

“The line between the whiner and the leader is optimism. … The next time you hear yourself whining, take responsibility. Stop complaining about what others aren’t doing. Do something yourself.”

Generation Z: Gen Z Shows Brand Loyalty

“… Gen Z members, aged 18 to 23 … Gen Z is the first generation born into a digital world. They are true digital natives who have grown up in the age of technology. The only world they know is a digital one — where they can connect anytime, anywhere, and to anyone. As a result, they are highly promiscuous when it comes to media consumption; they will be the first generation to consume more media online than offline.”

Ministry: A Game-Changinging Perspective: Knowing the Difference Between a Decentralized and Fragmented Ministry by Will Mancini [required reading]

“Most ministry activity is fragmented not decentralized because there simply no clarity of shared intent, no cultivation of shared values, and no development of shared abilities within the church. In short, their is no shared vision, just many little mini-visions everywhere a ‘piece’ of the ministry gathers.

The few ministries that operate a decentralized ministry have gone to great lengths to build a well defined vision first. Something other than a central pastor or central church building define the what, why and how of reality where ever groups, classes or events meet. That something always brings shared meaning in the form of  ideals, goals, dreams, tools, approaches, stories, etc.”

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