golden nuggets from Sirach (9)


Following are the final five passages I’ll share here with you from Sirach (aka: Ecclesiasticus) as I make my way through this amazing book this year.

All the works of the Lord are very good. Every command of his will be carried out in its proper time. It’s not for us to say, ‘What’s this?’ or ‘For what purpose is that?’ Everything will be examined at its proper time. (Sirach 39.16-17)

Kindness is like an orchard of blessings, and an act of charity will last forever (Sirach 40.17)

Guard your reputation, for it will continue after you longer than one thousand great treasures of gold. A good life has a limited number of days, but a good name will continue forever. (Sirach 41.12-13)

All things exist in pairs, one opposite the other, and he made nothing that was incomplete. Each thing strengthens the good parts of the other; who can get enough of seeing God’s glory? (Sirach 42.24-25)

We could say many things and never say enough. The final word is: The Lord is “the All.” (Sirach 43.27)

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