Twitter is my ministry friend


TwitterWhen Twitter first appeared on the scene, I didn’t really appreciate it because I couldn’t see much use for it. My reasoning was that whatever Twitter could do, Facebook could do better.

What a mistake! Now Twitter is my friend; my very good friend.

For example, most of the news I encounter through NPR during the course of the day I receive via Twitter.

No small number of the fine blog posts and articles I read I’m first made aware of via Twitter.

I can do some shameless self-promotion of my own blog posts thanks to Twitter.

And I can keep up with some of what’s happening in the lives of some of my friends by scanning their tweets.

But perhaps the biggest plus for me in the use of Twitter is the never-ending stream of great quotes that appear there. Ever since my college days I’ve been a quoteaholic and Twitter feeds my need. Stimulating quotes often spark further thought and sometimes they even grow into entire lessons or sermons. If you’re a teacher or preacher, this fact alone will make Twitter worth your while.

Take for example this sampling of just seven of the quotes I’ve gleaned from my Twitter feed over the course of just the past twenty-four hours.

“Sometimes it’s hard for me to see God, but we’ve done life together long enough that I don’t wonder if He sees me.” – Rick Atchley  (@RickAtchley)

“The only way out of the labyrinth of suffering is to forgive.” – John Green (via Ian Morgan Cron; @iancron)

“Hey youth guy, when you’re 80 that cool tattoo will look like a chocolate bunny left in hot car.” – The Surly Deacon (@TheSurlyDeacon)

“Life is best lived under the weight of the cross.” – Leonard Sweet (@lensweet)

“Sin is always a matter of the heart, so the grace of redemption is the work of the rescue and renewal of the heart.” – Paul David Tripp (@PaulTripp)

“You cannot get tomorrow’s strength until tomorrow. Why then try to carry tomorrow’s burden today?” – Leslie Weatherhead (via Max Lucado (@MaxLucado)

“The enemy has got NOTHING on us–except what we give him by being afraid that he’s got something on us!” – Greg Boyd (@greg_boyd) (via Kurt Willems @KurtWillems)

Whether you use the standard Twitter client or use something like Tweetbot (like I do), if you’re in ministry and you’ve yet to try Twitter, you’re missing out. I urge you: repent.

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