this went thru my mind (on violence)


V-for-violenceChurch, concealed-carry & guns: Arkansas Guns In Church Bill Passes In House Of Representatives

“The Arkansas House of Representatives approved a bill on Monday to allow concealed-carry permit holders to take their weapons into churches, and it is expected to be signed into law by the state’s governor. The Church Protection Act would allow individual places of worship to decide whether to allow concealed handguns and who could carry them. The Republican-controlled House passed the bill 85-8 with bipartisan support. The measure previously passed the Republican-controlled Senate 28-4. Arkansas joins a handful of other states, including South Carolina, Wyoming and Louisiana, that allow guns in churches, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.”

Drones: * From the Sky: A Film About Drone Strikes, Family, and Resistance; * Drone Strikes: the New Crucifixion

* “‘From the Sky’ will be among the first (if not the first) narrative works of cinema from the U.S. to show the impact of drone strikes on civilians in the Arab world. The film also explores the roots of extremism, the bond between fathers and sons, and ultimately asks a universal question: When we are harmed, will we respond by retaliating, or in life-giving ways?”

* “Remember, the cross is not only where sin was dealt with and where Satan was defeated, but also where empire revealed itself for what it truly was,  dispenser of injustice; no matter how much Pilate continues to wash his hands of the matter.”

Gun control: National Organizations With Anti-Gun Policies by the NRA-ILA

“The following organizations have lent monetary, grassroots or some other type of direct support to anti-gun organizations [i.e. – organizations that disagree in some way with the NRA – my words; David Smith]:”AARP … American Bar Association … American Medical Association … American Psychological Association … National Association of Police Organizations … National Coalition Against Domestic Violence … National Parent Teachers Association …

“The following listing includes the most prominent national corporations that have lent their corporate support to gun control initiatives or taken position supporting gun control. …AMC Theaters … Hallmark Cards … Kansas City Chiefs football team … Levi Strauss & Co. … Sara Lee Corporation … Sprint Corp … Time Warner …”

Suicide: VA Study Finds More Veterans Committing Suicide

“Every day about 22 veterans in the United States kill themselves, a rate that is about 20 percent higher than the Department of Veterans Affairs’ 2007 estimate, according to a two-year study by a VA researcher. … The number of suicides overall in the United States increased by nearly 11 percent between 2007 and 2010, the study says.”

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