spring quarter: what does it mean to be civil?


The coming spring quarter (Mar. 3 – May 26) in our Sunday morning adult Bible classes at MoSt Church is a question quarter. And so, during the the first two months of the quarter (Mar. 3 – Apr. 28), several of our adult classes will deal with a significant question related to our being Jesus followers. The question is: “What does it mean to be civil?”

Aside from Scripture, I’m providing three resource books for the class teachers to assist them in their preparation. Those three resources are:

All three of these books are quality works I unhesitatingly recommend class members, not just teachers, to read and consider. They are well-written, full of good food for thought.

Now the various classes may follow their own schedules, but the schedule I’ll use in the class I lead (the 20/20 class) will be as follows:

March 3What Civility Is and Is Not

CC; pp. 7-12,18-20; UD; pp. 11-30,44-56

March 10Eight Rules for a Civil Life

CS; pp. 28-44

March 17Rudeness Happens

TCS; pp. 52-82 / CC; pp. 169-170

March 24Put Civility in Your Head

TCS; 34-36 / CC; p. 15-17,35-47,54-59 / UD; pp. 57-79

March 31 (Easter Sunday) – Civil Words Play Well With Others

CC; pp. 48-53,60-73,116-121,136-145

April 7Being Civil = Being Respectful

CC; 13-14,77-80,97-105,146-151

April 14The Body Civil

CC; 81-86,100-105 / UD; pp. 89-107

April 21When You’ve Been Uncivil …

CC; pp. 106-109,152-157

April 28How to Be Civil When …

 TCS; pp.85-158 / UD; pp. 108-121

Again, let me ask you to consider acquiring a copy of one, or more, of these three books and to read the appropriate sections before coming to class each week. Such can only improve the quality of our class discussion, something I look forward to greatly!

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