this went thru my mind


Aging & attitude: 10 Signs You’re Getting Old by Caleb Wilde

“Here are ten characteristics I’ve noticed that define the ‘old outlook’ on life.”

Critics, preaching & teaching: For the One Person Who Didn’t Get the Joke by Seth Godin

“… the ability to say, ‘It’s not for you,’ is the foundation for creating something brave and important. You can’t do your best work if you’re always trying to touch the untouchable, or entertain those that refuse to be entertained.”

Fear: How Couchsurfing and Les Misérables Challenge our Culture of Fear by Liuan Huska [required reading]

“Let us be transformed in Christ before we conform to our culture of fear.”

Joy & negativity: Who Cheers for You? by Dan Rockwell

“I’m never more vulnerable than when I’m celebrating. Someone comes along and lets me know that I’m not quite there, yet. Ouch!”

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