this went thru my mind (on violence)


V-for-violenceAbortion: What if Roe vs. Wade Went Away? by Timothy Archer

“… as society has decided that these lives aren’t worth saving, we need to back up and begin speaking for all lives. If we try to pick and choose, society can ignore us easily. We speak up for the unborn. We speak up for foreigners. We speak up for those who die around the world from hunger, thirst and disease. We speak up for life. We become truly pro-life and not just pro-life on one topic.”

Football: Are NFL Football Hits Getting Harder And More Dangerous?

“One thing is for certain — football players have gotten much bigger and faster. And the laws of physics tell us that the force of a hit depends on three factors: body weight, speed and how quickly the players stop moving.”

Funerals, grief, ministry & murder: Preaching After the Unthinkable by Stuart Briscoe

“… in the aftermath of traumatic violence, what can a preacher say?”

Genocide & Holocaust: International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2013: Victims Mourned At Auschwitz and Beyond

“The United Nations in 2005 designated Jan. 27 as a yearly memorial day for the victims of the Holocaust – 6 million Jews and millions of other victims of Nazi Germany during World War II. The day was chosen because it falls on the anniversary of the liberation in 1945 of Auschwitz, the Nazis’ most notorious death camp and a symbol of the evil inflicted across the continent.”

Gun control: * Gun Control: A Biblical and Theological Case by Matthew L. Kelley; * Of God and Guns by Dan Bouchelle

* “… I believe that the biblical witness and our theological heritage give us reason to support restrictions on firearms such as those currently being debated by the President and Congress. … here is what I believe to be a biblical and theological case for gun control: I have the freedom to do anything, but not everything is helpful.”

* “I wonder why we hear so little reflection on the ubiquitous emphasis throughout the Old Testament regarding not trusting weapons to protect us.”

Human trafficking: Human Trafficking Information by Darrel Bock

“This is not a pleasant subject but the opportunities exist to do something that truly delivers people out of personal hell. There are three types of trafficking: sexual trafficking, labor trafficking (which is often harder to trace), and forced soldering (something very common in Africa).”

Military service & pacifism: From Soldier to Pacifist by Matt Young

“A key Bible verse for me when I enlisted was, John 15:13 . I felt that by laying down my life for my fellow soldiers, or if need be other innocent people around the world, that I would be showing the most possible love for them. …

“The key reason I have become a pacifist, or believer in non-violence… whatever technical term we want to call it, is this. I was confronted with the words of Jesus.”

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