this went thru my mind


Facebook: How Do I Fine Tune My Facebook Privacy Settings? by Dave Taylor

“… Facebook constantly tweaks and fiddles with things, and there’s nothing more susceptible to these changes than the privacy settings.”

Population & the U.S.: USA Population Tops 315 Million Today

“The US Census Bureau projects that on Jan. 1, 2013, the total United States population will be 315,091,138. … In January 2013, 1 birth is expected to occur every 8 seconds in the United States and 1 death every 12 seconds.”

Prayer: 9 Prayer Tips for 2013 by Jon Acuff

“… do this.”

Productivity: Purposeful Abandonment: The Art of Letting Go by Dan Rockwell

“‘Not to-do list’ … Make one. “

Reading: How to Read by Ross Douthat [required reading]

” … let your mind rove more widely and freely …”

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