help for those new to following this site


Are you new to following my site? If so, I can’t tell you everything that would be good for you to know, but I can share with you here four quick tips that will help you a bit as you spend some time here.

1. Are you looking for sermon ideas, small group discussion guides, or Bible class lessons? If so, then pay attention to my LIFE group discussion guide posts that are published on most Saturdays of the year. These discussion guides are outgrowths of what I plan to preach the following Sunday morning and form the template for conversation within MoSt Church‘s small groups on Sunday nights. They would work well as an outline for discussion in most adult Bible class, too. Here’s a link to a sample of one of those posts.

2. Are you looking for good writers who blog so as to stock up on online counsel with which to feed your head? If you’re looking for additional sites to add to your RSS reader or your browser’s bookmarks, check out my blog roll (look under “read” in the right-hand column of this site). I include links in that column only to writers I’ve found who consistently crank out interesting, thoughtful material. Enjoy.

3. Are you interested in knowing what my daily routine in reading looks like? Check out my My Personal Reading Plans for 2013 post and you’ll know what I’m doing in this year.

4. Are you curious as to what I’ve been reading of late online that I’ve found interesting? Then you need look no further than my regular posts (Mon-Sat.) entitled ‘This Went Thru My Mind.’ You can learn exactly why I share such links by reading this post: Why I Post What I Do In ‘This Went Thru My Mind.’

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