the Christ House (TCH): reading project 2013


The-Christ-HouseHaving recently completed our church-wide Bible reading project for 2012 (Uncommon Truth for Common People) at MoSt Church, we’ll start our reading project for 2013 – The Christ House (TCH) – this coming Tues., Jan. 1. Let me introduce this new reading plan in the form of questions and answers.

Q. What’s the objective of TCH? What’s our focus?

A. The objective is to fix our attention on Jesus Christ as we journey through the New Testament (NT).

Q. Will we read the NT though in the order it appears in our Bible or in some other order?

A. While we’ll all read the NT through in 2013, we won’t follow the order in which the books appear in the NT. The order we’ll follow is based on commonality of the books’ authorship. For example, in January and February we’ll read the writings of Luke (Luke and Acts). In this way, we’ll not only get a better feel for each particular author’s style, but we’ll be able to spread out the reading of the Gospels across the course of the year (January, March, May, and September).

Q. What will we read each day and how much?

A. The pace is simple and steady, reading a single chapter each day while incorporating a number of days at the end of most months for catch-up, reflection, review, and/or independent study. That means, on average, your reading time each day will total about five minutes.

Q. Will there be Scripture to memorize?

A. Every person involved in the project is encouraged to memorize one, selected verse of Scripture that specifically mentions Jesus Christ from every book of the New Testament. We’ll refer to such verses as “Christ verses.”

Q. When will the The Christ House project begin?

A. This coming Tues., Jan. 1.

Q. When and where can I see a copy of the whole year’s schedule and acquire a copy of all of the Christ verses?

A. A copy of the year’s reading schedule and all of the Christ verses is currently available for download from MoSt‘s site (and will remain available there throughout the coming year). Tomorrow’s post (Sun., Dec. 30) here on my site will list all of the Christ verses while Monday’s post (Dec. 31) will give the reading schedule for January and February. Starting on Tues., Jan. 1, a link to each day’s reading will appear as a post here on my site.

Q. Will we use a specific translation of the New Testament?

A. You can use any quality rendering of the NT you please with this schedule. The links in the daily posts here on my site will be to the Common English Bible (CEB).

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