word for the weak: week fifty-two (conclusion)


This post marks the final week in MoSt Church’s year-long in MoSt Church‘s Uncommon Truth for Common People project. Following the edition of the Common English Bible (CEB) known as the Daily Bible Companion through this year has been a real blessing to me, and to you, I pray. The topical readings for each week have helped me develop my ability to focus on a single theme and to keep my mind centered on some of Scripture’s most important threads of thought.

The theme for this week’s reading, fittingly, is Savior, and the week’s reading schedule follows:

• Mon., Dec. 24 – John 3.16-17; Romans 5.6-21 (p. 308)
• Tues., Dec. 25 – John 14.15-21; 1 John 2.1-6 (p. 309)
• Wed., Dec. 26 – Mark 1.40-45; 8.22-26 (p. 310)
• Thur., Dec. 27 – Romans 5.1-5; 1 Peter 1.3-9 (p. 331)
• Fri., Dec. 28 – John 15.9-17 (p. 312)

This week’s memory verse is:

“… we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.” (Romans 5.1b)

Watch for posts here starting this Sat., Dec. 29 describing the coming year’s Bible reading project at MoSt, a project entitled The Christ House (or TCH). This project for 2013, will not be theme-oriented as was this year’s, but will be textual, based solely on the New Testament. It will be exceedingly simple, Christ-focused, and like this year’s reading, will have plenty of catch-up/reflection days built in. Look forward to it and remember, stay in his word, put it in your heart, and live him out through your life!

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