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ChristmasChristmas Carols as Resistance Literature by Richard Beck [required reading]

O Holy NightCantique de Noël in the original French–was composed in 1847 by Adolphe Adam. … O Holy Night, it turns out, was a song of political resistance and protest. Imagine Americans singing in the years leading up to the Civil War the lyrics ‘Chains shall He break for the slave is our brother; And in His name all oppression shall cease.’ O Holy Night as political protest. A Christmas carol as resistance literature. This is as it should be. Consider the words of Mary’s Song, the Magnificat.”

Dead Sea Scrolls: The Leon Levy Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library

“The Leon Levy Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library … preserves thousands of scroll fragments, including the oldest known copies of the biblical texts, now accessible to the public for the first time.”

Faith, fear, guns & violence: Conservative Christian Priorities by Bob Cargill [required reading]

“Conservative Christians have spent more time defending their right to assault weapons this week than I ever recall having seen them defend the hungry, the poor, the sick (except to oppose their proposed healthcare), or the imprisoned. (Cf. Matt. 25:31-45) Priorities are very telling.”

Guns & politics: Party Identity in a Gun Cabinet by Nate Silver

“Whether someone owns a gun is a more powerful predictor of a person’s political party than her gender, whether she identifies as gay or lesbian, whether she is Hispanic, whether she lives in the South or a number of other demographic characteristics. … Gun ownership has declined over the past 40 years — but almost all of the decrease has come from Democrats.”

Holidays & loneliness: Dealing With Lonely Holidays by Wayne Stiles

“For many people, the holidays draw up painful memories.”

Humor: 8 Funniest Verses in Bible by Ron Edmonson

“Here are 7 of the funniest verses I have read in Scripture.”

Memory: Ready. Set. Memorize!

“…  this year’s World Memory Championships … Nelson Dellis, the U.S. memory champion, says that in practice, he can memorize a deck of cards in about 32 seconds. Dellis is ranked 24th in the world.”

Parenting: 5 Ways to Play With Your Kids This Christmas by Trevin Wax

“During the holiday season, we’re tempted to spend too much time on our iPhones, on the computer, or watching television. Following our example, our kids isolate themselves too. We’re together physically, but no one is having fun. No wonder by New Year’s everyone is ready to get back into the normal routine. Can I challenge you, parents? Don’t let this holiday season go by without spending time just having fun with your kids. No agenda. Just fun.”

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