12 points of prayer for 12 hours of today


For the families, loved ones, and friends who grieve the death of the victims of yesterday’s shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT.

For all of the gunman’s family, loved ones, and friends.

For the responders who dealt with, and will continue to deal with, all that they experienced.

For the thoughts and wisdom of all who influence and shape the views and perspectives of others.

For the media and all who communicate regarding this tragedy, that their ways not only be careful and correct in terms of facts, but caring in terms of people’s lives.

For all of the parents everywhere who attempt to answer their childrens’ many questions.

For every Christian who is asked: “Why do these things happen?”

For every heart tempted to grow indifferent toward, and become callous to, violence.

For every spirit that could be seduced into committing similar violence in days to come.

For the deepening and broadening of respect for all human life in this world.

For every mind closed to critical thinking as to what can and should be done to minimize the opportunities for such violence in the future.

For God our Father’s kingdom to break into this broken world completely, so that his will be fully done on earth as it is in heaven.

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