this went thru my mind


Advice: Most Advice is Bad Advice by Seth Godin

“People mean well, especially friends and family, but they’re going to give you bad advice.”

God, patience, perspective, suffering & time: Waiting on the Lord by Tim Archer

“Human reasoning says, ‘Take care of it now. Bring about justice by your own hand. Something must be done immediately.’ Divine reasoning says, ‘I’ll take care of it. In my time.’ Do we have enough faith to wait on the Lord?”

Hostility & humanity: A Jolting Message by Richard Rohr

“Is this not the core historical problem that continues to justify most hostility to this day?”

Ministry & parenting: How Does a Pastor Help His Children Not Become Disenchanted with the Church or His Ministry? by Brian Croft

“Every pastor’s family is at risk at becoming disenchanted, even hostile to that church and ministry that so often takes their father away.  How can a pastor help, not hinder his children to grow in love for the church?”

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