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Capitalism & the common good: Capitalism & the Common Good by Tim Gombis

“If humanity’s end is enjoying God and enjoying God’s blessing along with others, is capitalism an inherent threat to God’s aims for humanity?”

Celebrities & faith: Celebrities Can’t Save! Linsanity? Koo-sanity? Tebow-sanity? etc.? by Sam Tsang

“In my 49 years of life on this earth and having been raised as a Christian, I can honestly say that many celebrities have been propped up too early. Some have done well simply because they were not new converts, and have merely carried on living out their faith even after they became famous. Many new convert celebrities had been welcomed ‘all-access’ into many pulpits just because of their status. When they mess up, people make excuses simply because they are celebrities.  No one wants to see a hero (i.e. idol?) being propped up only to stumble and fall. According one blogger, if the same standard is applied to all baby Christians, the church would have been filled with heresies by now. The problem is deeper than the mere fall of a celebrity.”

Facebook: Be Careful What You ‘Like’

“… what if your friends didn’t actually like the page? What if a page shows up as liked by you and you didn’t like it. What if that page supports ideas diametrically opposed to what you believe? What then? … Facebook denies that they’re doing it and they want it to stop. It’s terrible for their business model if fake-likes are being generated because they can’t give consistent ad statistics to potential advertisers which undermines the value of any advertisement. But people are still phantom-liking pages that they’ve never clicked on, never seen, and sometimes can’t even read. So, what’s happening.”

Faith, reason & unbelief: Does the Universe Have a Purpose? [2 min., 34 sec. video clip]

“Here’s an interesting animated video from Neil deGrasse Tyson on whether the universe has a purpose. Unsurprisingly, the answer is no. But it’s still a creative way of presenting an argument for why an atheist like Tyson thinks that religious arguments for a purposeful universe are unconvincing at best. Check it out and let us know what you think.”

Infographics: Create Your Own Infographics by Jeremy Smith

“You may have wondered how people make their infographics. Yes, most of them are done in some expensive image editing software and with a company that has a designer with their $120,000 art degree. But, if you are on a cheaper budget than that, we have some alternatives for you.”

Politics & wildlife: Introducing Fallow Deer

“Persian fallow deer (Dama Mesopotamica) native to Israel from Biblical times were hunted to extinction in the early 1900s. The fallow deer is mentioned among the eight other kosher mammals listed in Deuteronomy 14:4-5 … Only the gazelle and ibex remained in Israel by the 1960s. …

“… General Avraham Yoffe … had the idea to resettle fallow deer in Israel so he began courting high-ranking Iranian officials. He invited the Shah’s brother Prince Abdol Reza Pahlavi, an avid hunter, to Israel’s Negev desert to hunt the rare Nubian ibex. Months later, he arranged a second hunting trip for another senior Iranian wildlife official, Rashid Jamsheed, who bagged an ibex with 53-inch horns, the world record to this day. It is against the law to hunt ibex but special permission was granted in this case by then Minister of Agriculture, Ariel Sharon (an Israeli army general who became an important politician). In 1978, with the stirrings of the Iranian Revolution, the prince agreed to give Israel four fallow deer. …

“… Dutch zoologist Dr. Van Grevenbroek who was in charge of the project arrived from Israel to capture four deer. He was armed with a blow-dart gun disguised as a cane. …”

Thinking: The Positive Power of Negative Thinking by Roger E. Olson

“Every great prophet of social reform has been a negative thinker—at least some of the time and about some things.”

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