praying the news


Deputy Did Only Brief ‘Pat Down’ On Handcuffed Teen Who Shot Himself

Father in heaven, Giver of all life and Creator and Lover of every person, hear my prayer in the name of your Son Jesus. As I pray for myself, overhear my prayer for others.

I grieve with the family, friends, and all involved in this needless and tragic death. Bring comfort daily to every heart torn apart by this death.

Forgive me when such news does not move me. I know this sort of violence is by no means rare and that my familiarity with it can tempt me to callous my heart to the reality of it and its pain. Bring your light into this darkness and use me as an instrument of yours in doing so.

Help me to remember the many around me who bear unspeakable burdens that I do not, often bearing them while hiding them from me. Stir me to be there for those whose lives I know are deeply troubled and shaken, not distancing myself from them for my own comfort.

Forgive me when my well-meaning attempts to help someone go awry. Thwart Satan’s attempts to bring me to despair and thereby compound the tragedy and darkness that is already. You alone, Lord, know how to love others perfectly. So gently grant me wisdom as to how to love, as you would love, with all of my words and actions.

Peace, Father; for your peace, I pray. Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven.


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