this went thru my mind


Business, consumers, marketing, shopping & tracking: Tracking Customers for Retail Profiling [infographic]

“64% didn’t know that supermarkets can sell their purchasing info to other companies.”

Church growth: 10 Old Wives’ Tales About Church Growth by Brian Orme

“There’s a lot of discussion that goes on about church growth: what causes it; how to generate it; prepare for it; launch it; build it; cultivate it and even, to some degree, manufacture it. Many of the discussions are helpful, but there are a number of subtle beliefs that still creep up that aren’t healthy. In fact, they’re downright superstitious and, at times, dangerous to the church.”

Faith & politics: The Role of Faith in the 2012 Election

“A new nationwide survey by the Barna Group among people who voted in the election reveals the role of faith had substantial influence on the election and upon people’s perspectives regarding the state of the nation and its future.”

Food stamps & poverty: * Living On Food Stamps: Newark Mayor Cory Booker Starts Challenge Today; * My Advice to Cory Booker – Eat Like a Medical Student

* “A campaign to raise awareness about the struggles of low-income Americans who depend on food stamps gets a high-profile plug today as Mayor Cory Booker of Newark, N.J., begins a week of living on $30 worth of food.”

* “Cory Booker has begun The SNAP/ Food Stamp Challenge. He’s eating on $4.40 a day, which totals to $30.80 a week. This started after a discussion he began with a person on Twitter, who believed that food stamps were unnecessary and too generous. … And me being me, and this blog being what it is, I can’t let this week slip by without offering my two cents on how he can manage on this budget.”

Family & technology: Don’t Sacrifice the Family to the Tyrants

“I have come to believe that we were able to make great memories because the time we spent together was time we spent with each other.”

Forgiveness & repentance: Going To Hell with Ted Haggard by Michael Cheshire

“You Christians eat your own. Always have. Always will.”

Ministry: * Two Ministry-Saving Spiritual Practices by Tim Spivey; * “What I Wish Someone Had Told Me:” Pastors of the 100 Fastest Growing Churches Share on Vision and Alignment by Will Mancini

* “Two spiritual practices have allowed me to stay in ministry for 17 years and still enjoy it. … Practice One: I take an annual personal retreat. … Practice two: I still date my wife.”

* “What really struck me are the common threads on vision and alignment. Look for how these pastors discuss clarity and unique calling. The big themes are as follows: Radical emphasis on mission and vision (including values and strategy); Willingness to “let people go” who don’t align with the vision; Commitment to stop programs and cut ministry not aligned with the vision.”

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