imagine you, on food stamps (1)


I’m imagining:

  • hundreds of preachers across the country simultaneously drawing attention to the needs of those in poverty right here in the U.S., as some other community leaders do;
  • they do it primarily with their ways instead of their words;
  • those ministers encouraging the members of all of the churches they serve to take up the challenge and join them in doing likewise;
  • we could do it by making our food bill equivalent to what it’s like to eat on SNAP food benefits [aka: food stamps], or to be specific, about $4.00 per day ($125.57 per month) here in Texas;
  • we could commit to doing such, in terms of duration, one of two ways: for one week or for one month;
  • how it wouldn’t cost most of us one thin dime, but would actually pay us to do it;
  • what God might do with such if it was done humbly and connected with frequent, fervent prayer;
  • and what an impact it might have on our ourselves, our church families and our communities.

SNAPOkay, I’m tired of merely imagining.

I’m going to do it.

For a full month.

Come Jan. 1.

Join me, won’t you? And let me know if you do.

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