vertical church: quotes to ponder


Following are a few quotes from James McDonald’s thought-provoking book Vertical Church (David C. Cook, 2012).

Maybe the greatest rationality of all is the recognition that rationality itself is incomplete as a way of knowing. (p. 50)

God forgive the church of Jesus Christ for trading its birthright access to the transcendent for the pot of stew that is horizontal helpfulness. (p. 56)

When we ask people what they want in church instead of giving them what they were created to long for, we play into the very idolatry that church was created to dismantle.” (p. 59)

May I ask what has happened in your ministry in the past seven days that would be impossible without God’s active engagement? (p. 71)

When people are taught that their ultimate purpose is reaching the lost or building a church or extending their hands to the poor, they derail during difficult times. (p. 109)

We must stop assuming God’s involvement and start inviting it. (p. 128)

If we think ‘business as usual’ will turn the tide in this tsunami of decline, we need to wear a jacket where the sleeves tie behind us. (p. 131)

When the people of God are not told the works of God, they lose the wonder of God, and everyone does what is right in their own eyes. (p. 133)

Placing evangelistic mission above the mission of God’s glory is the single most destructive error in the church today and the one from which many other errors fall. (p. 140)

Is the coldhearted husband who never loves or cherishes his wife but sleeps beside her with his back turned every night better than the philanderer? (p. 145)

Churches don’t die. God’s voice in them dies. (p. 200)

God uses the circumstances of life to ripen people to the gospel. (p. 257)

If you can’t pick the fruit, don’t bruise it. (p. 261)

The problem in the church today is that we treat God’s glory as a by-product and the missional activities of the church as the primary thing when the opposite is what Scripture demands. (p. 300)

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