Never forget that everyone with whom you have dealings, every day and everywhere, is someone else’s son or daughter, father or mother, husband or wife, best friend or rock.

That means that whenever you respect or disrespect that person, you not only help or hurt them, you help or hurt, others. Others you may, or may not, ever meet or know.

Never forget this: the consequences of your actions and words, be they big or ever so small, ripple across this whole world. So determine to send out only ripples of good.

Do this by giving great care to everyone you encounter, for in doing so, you give a care for many others, totally unknown to you, but no less affected by you.

Don’t make the burdens of those “who feel the ripple next” needlessly greater through your disrespect to the one standing in front of you.

For it is surely often the case that the one who receives the greatest impact and experiences the greatest consequences from your words and ways is not the person in front of you, but the one who is standing behind or beside them, and you do not know what burdens them already bear.

Give a care for the way you care. Our whole world is shaped by it.

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