this went thru my mind


Archaeology: The Cyrus Cylinder Travels to Five Major Museum Venues in the United States in 2013

“This will be the first time this object has been seen in the US … Tour Dates … Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, 3rd May – 14th June 2013.”

Civil War, Lincoln, secession, slavery, & United States history: Some Notes on “Seven Notes from ‘Lincoln’” A Response to M. David Sills by Kenneth Pierce

“Southern leaders and secession documents both state that the war was indeed over slavery.”

Culture & the United States: Is America Becoming What It Has Always Been? by Paul Smith

“It has been my pleasure to know some of the sweetest, kindest, most gentle ‘seniors’ on the face of the earth. And I have known some of the most bitter, hateful old crows that you can possibly imagine. What is interesting about some (although not all) of the bitter, hateful group is that people who have known them for many years cannot understand the change that has supposedly changed the person. ‘Old weird John was such a nice person’ they often say. ‘I just can’t imagine what has come over him to make him this way.’

“I have another theory. Based on my now half-century plus experience in watching people age, and doing a fair amount of it myself, I am convinced that the “change” is not so surprising at all. There has been a change, to be sure, but the change is not in attitude or personality. What has changed is the person’s ability to mask that attitude or personality.”

Cyber-warefare: US Cyber-Weapons Exempt From “Human Judgment” Requirement

“‘Just what do you think you’re doing, Dave?’ … Remember how Stuxnet managed to spread beyond Iranian nuclear research facilities? Such scenarios will likely become more common—soon.”

God: An Imperfect God by Yoram Hazony [required reading]

“Is God perfect? You often hear philosophers describe “theism” as the belief in a perfect being — a being whose attributes are said to include being all-powerful, all-knowing, immutable, perfectly good, perfectly simple, and necessarily existent (among others). And today, something like this view is common among lay people as well. … There are two famous problems with this view of God. The first is that it appears to be impossible to make it coherent. … The second problem is that while this ‘theist’ view of God is supposed to be a description of the God of the Bible, it’s hard to find any evidence that the prophets and scholars who wrote the Hebrew Bible (or ‘Old Testament’) thought of God in this way at all.”

Just for fun: Bond: License to Drive [the cars driven by James Bond]

“Everyone has a favorite Bond … but what’s your favorite Bond car?”

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