this went thru my mind


Creation, God & science: God Did It by Carolyn Arends

“It wasn’t science that changed my position on creation, but biblical scholarship that convinced me that Genesis does not prescribe any particular scientific view.”

Facebook: Why Must It Be Facebook Pages vs Groups? [part 1]

“Facebook Pages are visible to the WWW. … Facebook Groups on the other hand, are not visible to the WWW.”

Giving: An Armchair Advocate’s Guide to: 24 Hours of Giving [infographic]

“Everyday we are surrounded by opportunities to give. Despite our packed schedules and shorter attention spans, there is no act too big or too small. … we present our latest infographic: An Armchair Advocate’s Guide to 24 Hours of Giving. We hope you find it a helpful reminder to use your time, treasures and technology for social good each day.”

Mercy ministry & the poor: Finding a Better Way for Mercy Ministry by Jamie Dunlop

“… how should your local church support mercy ministries? Sometimes we think the answer falls into only one of two categories—the options in the story above. In the first category, which I’ll call ‘programmed ministry,’ churches build a mercy ministry into their institutional life. They will fine-tune their budgets, staff, and vision statements to make sure that the ministry is integral to who they are as a church. In the second category, which I’ll call ‘organic ministry,’ the church simply leaves responsibility for mercy ministry in the members’ hands. The first category wires mercy ministry into the institutional church; the second leaves it to individual Christians. While both of these approaches may be appropriate in different situations, both can at times fall short. … Therefore, it’s worth considering a third level of support, which I’ll term ‘responsive ministry.'”

Stress: 7 General Suggestions for Handling Stress by Ron Edmonson

“How do we handle the stress of daily living?”

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