this went thru my mind


Evangelism: Proclaiming the Gospel as Reality-Creating Event: or 3 Reasons Why This is Not Your Parent’s Evangelism by David Fitch [required reading]

“The evangelism of my youth used verbal words to communicate information. … If this presentation took place “to” someone outside the church, it often turned into an apologetic exercise. It was NOT born out of everyday relationships. And this presentation often sought to secure a result … Enough has been written on the way this plays off a Christendom world that no longer exists. It was often coercive (which works against the Holy Spirit). It was often pre-packaged. It was often unrelational. All of which, I suggest, disqualifies it as the gospel.”

Journaling: I Take It Back: Why I’m Journaling Again by Dan Bouchelle

“… people who live the fullest lives practice gratitude in an intentional way …”

Listening: Learning to Listen by Josh Alan Turner

“… the idea that we may have something to learn from someone should not be a novel concept or one that strays too far beyond the pale of our particular brand of orthodoxy. Still, it is rare to hear anyone — particularly anyone interested in the concept of evangelism — advise Christians to actually listen to their non-Christian friends.”

Muhammad Ali: Ali, Round Two by Dick Cavett

“Hey, Dick Cavett. I hear you lettin’ niggers sleep in your bed.”

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