this went thru my mind


Burials & cremations: Would You Consider a Green Burial? by Caleb Wilde

“Seventy-five years from now it’s very possible that Green Burials will replace embalming as ‘the traditional mode of disposition.'”

Culture & education: Education: West vs. East

“For the most part in American culture, intellectual struggle in schoolchildren is seen as an indicator of weakness, while in Eastern cultures it is not only tolerated but is often used to measure emotional strength. It’s a small difference in approach that … has some very big implications.”

Culture, United States & war: A Story Worth Living For by Patrick Mitchel

“In a recent book, War and the American Difference, Stanley Hauerwas explores why it is that Americans have a distinct lack of unease with war. War, he says, ‘is America’s central liturgical act necessary to renew our sense that we are a nation unlike other nations.’ In other words, the war on terror means that Americans have a common enemy that unites them nationally. War is a moral good. It is the pursuit and defense of ‘freedom’. He goes on to suggest that Christianity in America has by and large agreed with this perspective. As a consequence the church in America is not capable of offering a political challenge to what is done in the name of the American difference.”

Happiness: Warning: God Doesn’t Care If You’re Happy

“My secret motive for becoming a Christian was I wanted to be happy. Fortunately, even though I wasn’t aware of it when I signed on the dotted line to be a Christ follower, God had a more important plan for my life.”

Social injustice: Systemic Justice is a Result-Oriented Justice by Larry James

“‘If you have a society in which 1% of the population own 43% of the wealth, it is pretty clear that the 1% has structured that society so it kind of worked out that way — and they have a tremendous amount of power to sustain it.’ (Marcus Borg)”

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