this went thru my mind


Church: * The Lego Church by Geoff Surratt; * Developing Your Church’s Lung Capacity by Tim Spivey [required reading]

* “… God gives us a bag of Legos with which to build His church rather than a model and a blueprint. He gives us principles and parameters, but he expects us to use our gifts, leadership and imagination to build a unique church to impact the unique culture and unique time in which we live.”

* “One of the best things we can do for our churches is lead them to intentional sacrifice consistent with the Gospel. That’s right–we must weave intentional sacrifice into our strategies, plans, sermons, assemblies, service, and outreach. If we fail to challenge people and be challenged ourselves, we will fail the challenges that come our way. Why? We haven’t developed the heart of sacrifice that gives away our extra tunic, our last two mites, says no to lust, rejects gossip, and follows Jesus when it’s hard…really hard.”

Facebook: Take Your Photos Off of Friends’ Pages by Kim Komando

“Facebook has revamped its relationships and friends pages to match the Timeline layout. Now, whenever you click on your relationship status on your profile or look at a friendship page, you’ll see a mini-profile of your connections with that person. It shows pictures of both of you together, mutual friends and even pages you both like. It can show off posts you’ve tagged each other in, too.”

Gospel: Moralistic Therapeutic Deism: The De Facto Religion of Many Christians by Jay Guinn [required reading]

“… there are certainly strands of Church of Christ practice and teaching that take us in an MTD direction.”

Veteran’s Day: A Non-Militarist Veteran’s Day by Tim Archer [required reading]

“As someone with pacifistic beliefs, Veteran’s Day presents a challenge, one that I haven’t always met gracefully.”

Working from home: The Perks of Working From Home [infographic]

“64 million US employees are able to telecommute at least part time. If every person only commuted to work 50% of the time, we would need 1/3 less oil and gain back an average of 109 hours of our lives a year.”

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