this went thru my mind


Abortion: Does Life Begin at Creation? by James McGrath

“My point in this post is this: The issues related to embryology and abortion are complex and difficult. They are important, and there are good reasons why these topics provoke strong feelings. … When would you consider the point to be reached that a developing fertilized ovum, or embryo, or fetus, or baby, becomes a full-fledged human being? How do you explain and justify your view to others who disagree with you? How, if at all, can we improve the nature of the discussion?”

Computing & security: How to Devise Passwords That Drive Hackers Away

“It is absurdly easy to get hacked. All it takes is clicking on one malicious link or attachment.”

Politics: * How the Faithful Voted: 2012 Preliminary Analysis; * Politics, Pollsters, and Fox News: Don’t Create a “Conservative” Set of Facts by Ed Stetzer

* “Vote choice by religion and race … vote choice by religious attendance … religious composition of the 2012 electorate.”

* “… the reality is that we WANT to believe the polls that agree with our own positions–and in a similar way, we tend to think that all others are biased, have the wrong sample, or are driven by an agenda.”

Millenials: The Millennial Consumer Debunking Stereotypes by Christine Barton, Jeff Fromm, and Chris Egan [required reading]

“Move aside, U.S. baby boomers. The Millennial generation is bigger than you and growing in influence.”

Prayer: * Prayer Continues With Worship by Bill Mounce; * Reconciling Pain and Prayer with God’s Love by Wayne Stiles

* “It is not clear from most translations, but the Lord’s Prayer is a series of imperatives. Remember those critters from English grammar classes? A verb in the imperative is a command. Do this! Don’t do that! Now, we don’t command God to do things, so we call them “entreaties.” But grammatically, the verbs in the Lord’s Prayer are imperatives; we are calling on God to act. And notice that we are not asking God to act primarily for us. We start prayer by calling on God, entreating him, to act in ways that will glorify him, not us, that he will be praised, not us. Prayer is radically God-centered.”

* “Because God can stop our pain, we think He should. So we pray. And pray. But nothing happens.”

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