devoted: put your shoulder into it


NOTE: Following is a copy of the discussion guide that will be used in MoSt Church’s LIFE groups tomorrow, Nov. 11. This guide will enable your follow-up of my sermon tomorrow morning entitled Devoted: Put Your Shoulder Into It. Look under the category title “LIFE group guides” and you’ll find an archive of previous discussion guides. All Scripture quotations below are from the Common English Bible (CEB).


To explore what it means to devote our shoulders to God.


• I lifted the burden off your shoulders; your hands are free of the brick basket! In distress you cried out, so I rescued you. (Psalm 81.6-7)

• Isn’t this the fast I choose: releasing wicked restraints, untying the ropes of a yoke, setting free the mistreated, and breaking every yoke? (Isaiah 58.6)

• It’s good to wait in silence for the Lord’s deliverance. It’s good for a man to carry a yoke in his youth. He should sit alone and be silent when God lays it on him. (Lamentations 3.26-28)

• Come to me, all you who are struggling hard and carrying heavy loads, and I will give you rest. Put on my yoke, and learn from me. I’m gentle and humble. And you will find rest for yourselves. My yoke is easy to bear, and my burden is light. (Matthew 11.28-30)

• … they tie together heavy packs that are impossible to carry. They put them on the shoulders of others, but are unwilling to lift a finger to move them. (Matthew 23.4)

• Suppose someone among you had one hundred sheep and lost one of them. Wouldn’t he … search for the lost one until he finds it? And when he finds it, he is thrilled and places it on his shoulders. (Luke 15.4-5)

• Why then are you now challenging God by placing a burden on the shoulders of these disciples that neither we nor our ancestors could bear? (Acts 15.10)

• Carry each other’s burdens and so you will fulfill the law of Christ. If anyone thinks they are important when they aren’t, they’re fooling themselves. Each person should test their own work and be happy with doing a good job and not compare themselves with others. Each person will have to carry their own load. (Galatians 6.2-5)


Icebreaker questions are meant to help us all start talking. Choose one of the following to discuss as a group.

1. Being silly or serious, finish this sentence: “It seems as though I’m never able to _________.”

2. Tell us of a time you were shocked to be able to carry or lift some unwieldy something.


These questions are meant to help us grapple with Scripture related to this morning’s sermon. Choose some.

1. What does Lam. 3.26-28 mean? Answer with its original context in view.

2. What sort of “bad burdens” do Matt. 23.4 and Acts 15.10 have in mind?

3. Gal. 6.2-5 says “carry each other’s burdens” and each “will have to carry their own.” Huh?


These questions facilitate our sharing what we sense God’s Spirit is doing with us thru his word. Choose some.

1. Are all burdens blessings or only some? How can we tell what burdens are from God?

2. Does God ever give a person a load too heavy for them to manage? Explain.

3. What is a heavy load you sense the Lord has laid on you that he has enabled you to carry?

4. Burdens become unmanageable to carry whenever we try to carry them without ________?

5. What can we each do to help another carry their burdens while not dropping our own?

6. Make a list of “blessed burdens” you sense group members carry these days and pray.

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