this went thru my mind


Alzheimer’s: Seeing the Hidden Grace of Alzheimer’s by Colleen Carroll Campbell

“We live in a culture that exalts rationality, autonomy and productivity above all else. What good could there be in a disease that robs its victims of all three?”

Correction: How (Not) to Correct Another Christian by Frank Viola [required reading]

“While this article is by no means an exhaustive treatment of the subject … here are 14 things that I learned about correcting another child of God.”

Giving: 8 Observations About Sacrificial Giving

“… the people of Israel went all-in as they brought their gifts for the tabernacle. Here are eight observations I made about their giving (from Exodus 35–36).”

Maturity: 5 Marks of Mature Behavior by Jim Martin

“Emotionally immature people can do great damage to others. This is compounded when these same people perceive themselves to be spiritually mature. I’ve seen this far too often.”

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