this went thru my mind


Conscience: Conscience: What Does It Tell Us?

“What does the argument for conscience do for you?”

Elections, government & powers: Jesus vs. the Powers by Dan Bouchelle

” I hope you sleep well Tuesday night regardless of wins since God is in his heaven, Jesus is Lord, and the future rests in their hands, not any earthly power. Psalm 2 tells us God sits in heaven and laughs at the plans of kings and nations to oppose his appointed Christ and Son.”

Feuds & United States history: The True Story of the Hatfields & McCoys by Patrick Mead [and 11-part series; #1; #11]

“There was no one cause for the feud. There was no one bad guy. This feud arose from complex causes rooted in culture, war, lust, greed, and an innate sense of inferiority that manifested itself in outsized, overreaching self-righteousness.”

Grief: The Six R’s of Grief Work by Caleb Wilde

“The following model of grief work — developed by Therese Rando – proposes linear stages of grief work … something that I don’t like.  Nevertheless, I think it can still be helpful to see these ‘Six R’s’ and find a way we can relate to them.”

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