and so this is Election Day


Today is Election Day in the United States.

This is a day, like any day and every day, that I seek to declare to myself, and to all, that:

* God rules the world, not the United States.

* Jesus is Lord, not the President of the United States.

* And the Spirit who is Holy does what he will; it is our humble task to discern and do his will.

It is a day we Christians say to all, whether we vote or abstain from voting, that:

* We love God and love people with the love of God, in that order and so, work with God toward the blessing of all the people of the world, regardless of nationality.

* We are all about helping usher in the kingdom and rule of God, not selfishly attempting to promote and establish our own way or comfort.

* We refuse to reinforce the walls erected in this world between people – the walls of discord, denigration, distance, and destruction; rather, we work to tear those walls down by the way we treat each other – especially those with whom we sense we have experienced, or have given, discord, denigration, distance, and destruction.

May God help us all:

* To be people truly humble and respectful of God and others; thinking of, and actively putting, others first before ourselves.

* To use our tongue and actions wisely, knowing that by our own words and deeds, we will be judged.

* To aim at nothing less than being humanity as God intended, right here, right now, by the grace of God; not segregated by our color or the color we vote.

it’s time to be civil (19)


# 10. Respect others’ opinions. … follow good protocols of disagreement. If possible and appropriate:

* Save the core of someone else’s opinion even as you qualify your acceptance: “Yes, I agree that what you say may be true in general, but there are circumstances when …”

* Recognize that although you don’t agree, what you hear is not unreasonable. “Indeed, that idea can be appealing; however …”

* Allow that if you knew more, your opinion might change: “I don;t know, it doesn’t seem right, but perhaps there is more here than meets the eye.”

* Make generous use of the metaphor of perspective. “Yes, but if you look at it from a different point of view …”

Choosing Civility: The Twenty-Five Rules of Considerate Conduct by P.M. Forni (St. Martin’s Press, 2002); p. 78

this went thru my mind


Conscience: Conscience: What Does It Tell Us?

“What does the argument for conscience do for you?”

Elections, government & powers: Jesus vs. the Powers by Dan Bouchelle

” I hope you sleep well Tuesday night regardless of wins since God is in his heaven, Jesus is Lord, and the future rests in their hands, not any earthly power. Psalm 2 tells us God sits in heaven and laughs at the plans of kings and nations to oppose his appointed Christ and Son.”

Feuds & United States history: The True Story of the Hatfields & McCoys by Patrick Mead [and 11-part series; #1; #11]

“There was no one cause for the feud. There was no one bad guy. This feud arose from complex causes rooted in culture, war, lust, greed, and an innate sense of inferiority that manifested itself in outsized, overreaching self-righteousness.”

Grief: The Six R’s of Grief Work by Caleb Wilde

“The following model of grief work — developed by Therese Rando – proposes linear stages of grief work … something that I don’t like.  Nevertheless, I think it can still be helpful to see these ‘Six R’s’ and find a way we can relate to them.”