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Churches of Christ & LGBTQ: * All God’s Children: Loving our LGBTQ Friends As We Love Ourselves by Sean Palmer; * Mid-South Newspaper Ad Attacking Homosexuality Stirs Controversy

* “I love gay people. For many, it’s surprising to hear a Christian minister say that …”

* “Churches of Christ, and other Christian congregations in the U. S., have the perception of being repressive, exclusive and intolerant.  Young people are leaving institutional Christianity by droves.  There’s not an ad, no matter the author, that can adequately address these concerns.  And, by the way, if I were going to take a page out in the Commercial Appeal, I’d probably speak of the transforming love of Jesus for all.”

Faith, fear, forgiveness, meanness & politics: * Ain’t Skeered by Alan Stanglin; * The Kingdom of God and the Politics of Christianity by Doug Bursch; Putting Down the Hatchet by Ben Irwin

* “Isn’t it good to know that we Christians are immune to the scare tactics? Isn’t it comforting to know that we serve an almighty and loving King and that we belong to an eternal Kingdom that can never fall? Isn’t it a wonderful truth that we aren’t afraid of anything?”

* “My God is not the God of partisan politics, Facebook rants, and slanderous email forwards. My God does not take pleasure in tearing the other side apart. There are only two categories in my faith: those who have received the grace of God and those who are still rejecting that grace. It is not my job to defeat the enemies of God, it is my job to bring them the same love and grace that set me free. I don’t desire to be right, I desire to reconcile people to a God that will set them free.”

* “May we stand up and speak out for the causes that are dear to us. But may we always remember that on the other side of every issue, every debate, every election is a human being made in God’s image and loved just as dearly as we are.”

If only: Note From a Leader in the Military

“On October 1, 2001, President George W. Bush did not give the following speech to a special session of Congress.”

Learning: Ministry Inside.98 by Jim Martin

“Far too many people shut down long before they die.  Long ago they quit growing, stretching, and learning. In many instances, they have lost the joy in their lives. Your life doesn’t have to be like this.”

it’s time to be civil (15)


6. Speak kindly. Speaking with consideration and kindness is at the heart of civil behavior. To speak kindly you need to be aware constantly that you are speaking to living, breathing, vulnerable human beings. Don’t discount the power of your words. The thought that they might cause unnecessary hurt or discomfort should inform every conversation. … By speaking with kindness you will improve the lives of those around you. …

“Make sure that you need to speak. (Sometimes silence can be kinder and more considerate than words.) When you speak you want to make a genuine contribution to the verbal exchange of which you are a part. Are you making it go forward? …

“Should you need to cope with conflict, do so in a fair fashion: you owe it to yourself as much as to your opponents. Never utter unkind words regarding their identity (racial, national, sexual, or otherwise) and other aspects of their personal life are essentially irrelevant to the contested issues at hand. … Throughout the confrontation never lose sight of the humanity of your opponents. Resist the temptation to think of them as faceless, nameless agents of the ‘wrong side.'”

Choosing Civility: The Twenty-Five Rules of Considerate Conduct by P.M. Forni (St. Martin’s Press, 2002); pp. 60,61,62